Thursday, February 24, 2011

A PrOmisE iS a pRoMiSe... even if it is a little LaTE!!!
Hi everyone... about two weeks ago I posted a photo of some gorgeous ingredients I had put together for my next project... I also told you to come back in a week to view the finished result... Well what can I say, except my usual excuse, "life got in the way AGAIN!!"
After much hard work and a few distractions, I would now like to introduce you to my newest design "Miss Lilly", a girlie golly in a party dress...

I have had so much fun creating her and I just have to share with you one of those "grandma moments" I had whilst making her...    My 3 year old grandson, Kaidan, walked into my sewing room and spotted Miss Lilly finished but yet to be dressed.  With a trembling voice he asked "what's that?"  I explained that it was my new dolly, Miss Lilly.  With his voice still quavering, he said, "what's she looking at!!!"   I still can't stop giggling when I think about it, just too cute!

She is nowhere near that scary now that she has clothes on!!!  Hope you like her...  Miss Lilly will feature in the next edition of Bear Tales due out in March.



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ellie Elephant with Adella

Gorgeous Ellie Elephants came to life on Saturday and Sunday with Adella.

Check out the website for facebook for lots more photos......

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sugar with Adella

After 3 full on days of bear making with our lovely Adella......
Just look at those faces!
More Sugar classes next month, so watch this space for more photos. I will try to post the photos of the other 3 bears made in this class over the next week or so.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The cutest of the cute...
Look at the new sample that I have just finished -- ain't it just iRReSiStiBle!!! 
In my ongoing quest to bring new and exciting things for you -- I stumbled across this most talented bear artist, Kim Endlich, and consequently the patterns for this little cutsie have just arrived from the U.S.

We also have a selection of Kim's other patterns and we are currently busy busy busy sewing up the samples...  all of these are available in kit form.  Please check our website under "What's New" for details...

Monday, February 14, 2011

sUrpRizE, SuRPriZe...
It all started with a small request from Monica Spicer...  and from there the idea just grew and grew.  Never before have we been so excited about a new design... and now Kim is making one too!!! 

What fun we've had gathering all the ingredients:  short dense alpaca (as soft as velvet), pinkish red gingham, lime ticking, white ric rac, buttons and notions, trims and braids -- be sure to come back next week to see the finished result...

A little hint:  it's going to feature in the first issue of Bear Tales Volume 6, due out next month.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Polly with Karen Alderson

We have had such a lovely time with Karen making her gorgeous Polly Golly.....

One class spread over 2 Tuesdays and the other over the weekend.

There was so much creative energy.....everyone did something a bit different.

I am sure you will agree ...the results are amazing!