Thursday, February 24, 2011

A PrOmisE iS a pRoMiSe... even if it is a little LaTE!!!
Hi everyone... about two weeks ago I posted a photo of some gorgeous ingredients I had put together for my next project... I also told you to come back in a week to view the finished result... Well what can I say, except my usual excuse, "life got in the way AGAIN!!"
After much hard work and a few distractions, I would now like to introduce you to my newest design "Miss Lilly", a girlie golly in a party dress...

I have had so much fun creating her and I just have to share with you one of those "grandma moments" I had whilst making her...    My 3 year old grandson, Kaidan, walked into my sewing room and spotted Miss Lilly finished but yet to be dressed.  With a trembling voice he asked "what's that?"  I explained that it was my new dolly, Miss Lilly.  With his voice still quavering, he said, "what's she looking at!!!"   I still can't stop giggling when I think about it, just too cute!

She is nowhere near that scary now that she has clothes on!!!  Hope you like her...  Miss Lilly will feature in the next edition of Bear Tales due out in March.



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