Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's Showtime!!!

I can't believe the Melbourne Craft Fair is starting TOMORROW...  After the many weeks of preparation, it is finally here!!!  And we are just SOOOOO excited to bring to you...

The SHOW STOPPER...    The ROLLS ROYCE of kits...     The FABULOUS one and only -- MISS MACAROON!!!

It all starts off with the most gorgeous bear pattern designed by Merilyn Pursell of Bearwildered Bears...
To which we add an exquisite piece of hand-dyed mohair and 100% woollen felt, dyed exclusively for us...
Particular care is taken to ensure that the mohair is teamed up with the most perfect hand-dyed embellishment pack to compliment the colour of the fur.  The packs are bursting with trims, braids, laces, ribbons, beads and sequins all hand picked to ensure that each pack is just delicious. 

Next we have the silkiest of ivory brocades -- to make Miss Macaroon's hat and handbag.  The most luscious pearls are also included to create the bag handles...
Joints, eyes, eye whites and nose threads almost complete the kits, but there is one more thing...
To package them beautifully in a quality perspex box tied with a fluffy organza bow!!!  These kits are soooo beautiful you won't want to open them.  They look amazing and offer fantastic value for money -- there is nothing else you will need to put your Miss Macaroon together -- it's all here!!! 
A word of warning -- these kits are all one-offs (no two are alike) and it is soooo hard deciding on which one, because they are all just gorgeous!!!

Making kits for you, our loyal customers, is a huge part of our business.  We pride ourselves with the kits we offer.   No corners are cut -- each one is prepared with much love and attention to detail and does not go out on the shelf unless we are 200% happy with it.  
We source our embellishments from all corners of the Earth and ensure no stone is left unturned, so that we may bring you the prettiest of the pretties...  Enjoy!!!

For the next four days Kim will be trading at the show with Melissa Kemp from The Art of Teddy Bears, whilst Heather and myself will be at the shop in Tooradin.  We look forward to seeing you...

Bear hugs,
Josey :0)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Keep an eye out for the posty tomorrow...

Look what we picked up from the printer this morning...  It's issue 2 of this years Bear Tales subscription.   Inside you will find the patterns, photos and instructions for five of the most amazing projects ever...

  • Miss Coosh by Monica Spicer will keep you company whilst minding your scissors and thread,
  • BT by Merilyn Pursell just wants to sit and be your friend,
  • La Petite Soiree by Adella David has got to be the sweetest little mouse ever,
  • Cupcake by Kim Garrett likes to munch on a cake that has no calories, and
  • Bee-Bopp by Josey Freni is a little martian bear who would love to take you on an intergalactic journey through space...

For all those who already subscribe, this issue was posted today and you should have it in your hot little hands by the end of the week!!!

And for those not familiar with it -- Bear Tales is a publication that Bear Essence brings out annually.  We approach different artists over the course of the year, asking them to design something specifically for us.  These designs are then published in Bear Tales and  cannot be sold separately.  They remain exclusive to Bear Essence for twelve months.   A yearly subscription costs $60 (including postage within Australia)  Excellent value as over the couse of the year you will receive three separate issues with a total of at least 15 patterns, worth over $300.   We think this is the best one yet! 

We stock complete kits for all of the projects featured in Bear Tales and the details can be found on our website.  It is not too late to subscribe -- Back issues of Volumes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 are also available.  

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kisses for Marley...

As promised, on this cold and blistering Sunday night, I bring you my second Marley only just finished.  Look how happy the first little Marley is to have a friend to play with!!!

Here are a few photos of the pair frolicking together...  Kissing each other...  Lazying around and sniffing the pretty flowers...

What a life!!!

This little Marley was created using a hot pink crewpile and a gorgeous spotted flannelette for the inner ears and pawpads.   Accessorized with hand dyed varigated silk ribbon and a button flower...   Too sweet!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello Sweetie Pie...

Look who has just arrived on our doorstep...  It's Ava-Jane!!!  She's come all the way from the heart and home of Merilyn Pursell (Bearwildered Bears) to our little haven in Tooradin and is the sample for the workshops Merilyn will be conducting later this month and early August...

The only way to describe her is "simply adorable and irresistible!!!"   Preparing the kits for the workshop has been such a delight.  Merilyn has very kindly put a little clothing/embellishment pack to go with each kit - which includes the baby shoes, dress fabric, laces, ribbons and accessories...

Unfortunately at this stage the only way you can make Ava-Jane is by attending the workshop, as Merilyn has not released the pattern to the general public.   There are a few places remaining, but I am sure when word of this little "sweetie-pie" gets around, these places won't be empty for long.

In between the Ava-Jane workshops, Merilyn will also be running a couple of workshops for "Sugabelle" pictured below... 

We sooo look forward to having Merilyn visit us a few times per year  -- her workshops are always full of fun and laughter.  We are so very fortunate to be able to have her as one of our guest teachers.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Carrying on from yesterday's Marley blogpost...

Isn't Monica's "Marley" just gorgeous -- I was thrilled when Kim showed me this new pattern.  And even more thrilled when Monica asked whether I would teach the workshop at Bear Essence on her behalf.
Well I thought, if  I am going to be teaching this workshop, then I'd better make a  "Marley" sample of my own.  That way I'll know what I am in for!!!

I pondered around the fur stand in the shop -- Now which fur??  Ummm let me see, it just needs to be  PINK  :o)

I finally decided to go with the Pink Viscose -- I had worked with viscose before and I quite like the result that it gives.  Lucky for me we stock the viscose in oodles of colours  some of which are very nice pastel shades!!!

The pattern was a dream to work with -- so many photos showing every step of the way -- nothing was left out -- it all came together quite quickly.  I did struggle a little turning the tail and trunk through, but nothing that a little patience and some tender loving care could not overcome.  I suppose the viscose was a little thicker than the fabric Monica designed the pattern around.

Anyways here are the photos of my end result...  and yes I ommitted the eyelids and eyelashes this time.  I thought she looked just as gorgeous without them.  

 Once I looked into Marley's big brown eyes, I became hooked  and have already started my second one in a hot pink crewpile.  If you come back after the weekend (all going to plan) I'm sure there'll be photos for you to see!!!

Also if you are wanting to make your very own Marley, please click on the link below to purchase either a full kit or pattern only...  Enjoy!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

New pattern by Monica SPicer

Marley is the newest pattern by Monica Spicer. Such a cutie!

Marley is available as a pattern or kit with many choices of colour and fur....

Monica has even put a free tutorial for Marley's little friend "Peanut" on her blog....

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lola with Adella

For the last 3 Saturdays the girls have been busily working on their Lola bears with Adella.
What do you think...?

Aren't they amazing!