Friday, March 18, 2011

DoN'T bOthEr cOmiNg bACK...
To the sad sad person/s that broke into our shop and scared  all of our bears... hope KARMA comes back to bite you!!!  This is a happy happy place where the likes of you are not welcome.

On a happier note -- the cleaning and putting things back has inspired us to rearrange the shop completely.  It is now an even HAPPIER place... The bears are ecstatic with their new surroundings... and our newest range of CHARLIE BEARS are beaming from ear to ear...


  1. OOH OOH I'll be seeing it next week! Stay away bad people! We don't want you!

  2. Oh Kim & Josey I am so sorry to hear that, just home and checking everything. Will see you Tuesday take care....Suexoxoxoxo

  3. miss you guys and the workshop, with hugs to your bears too.