Thursday, September 22, 2011


Our newest pattern / kit has just arrived at Bear Essence.
Duffy by Eileen Seifert is the cutest little duckling pattern you have ever seen!

I am so excited about this little pattern that I have 3 on the go.....
Of course I had to make the traditional yellow, but am using the gorgeous japanese alpaca in the 2 lengths, 9mm & 17mm. AND... in true Bear Essence style a pink one!

I will post some photos as they progress

So much fun!


  1. Oh, girls I have looked all over your patterns on your web site and I can't find the pattern to order. They are just adorable. Is the pattern for sale or not.?

  2. Hi Kay, It is under the What's New section of the website. Hope this helps,
    Kim x

  3. Thanks so much silly me I didn't look there. Just in patterns and kits.
    I will ring tomorrow.
    Hugs Kay

  4. This little ducky is the sweetest thing I ever did see... Can't wait to make one, or two or three -- one for Kaidan, one for Alec and one for me xxx

  5. There's no end to the talent out there. You are right - they are the cutest little ducklings ever - thank you for sharing them with us, Eileen (and Bear Essence of course).