Saturday, November 19, 2011

A tIMe tO pLAy…

Well the weather in Melbourne today was WET, WET, WET and there was not many a brave soul who would venture out in it.  But three of my beautiful and very loyal class ladies decided that come rain, hail or shine nothing was going to keep them away from their weekly Saturday bear class and they set out to face the elements.

It was a small class, very relaxed with loads of time to play.   Kim and I were even able to join in.  We had both started Geraldine bears with Merilyn last week, but hadn’t had time to finish them yet and today gave us the opportunity to be able to do this…  Here are a  couple of photos for you.  Mine is the pink and Kim’s is the blue and they are the beary best of friends, just like their mummies in real life…

Brenda also was able to put the finishing touches on her Geraldine – the gorgeous burgundy one pictured below.  Isn't her dress exquisite -- it is a hand crotcheted and beaded little number which Brenda bought from a doll show and has had hiding in her stash just waiting for the perfect bear to wear it.   Just beautiful!!!
I must say we all had a lot of fun using the bedazzlers and “bling blinging” our bears with all the Swarovski crystals we could get our hands on.  Look at them sparkle!!! 

The rest of the class did some preparation work for the upcoming Twinkles class which will be taking place next Tuesday, drank cups of tea, chatted and enjoyed the day in the company of some very passionate bearmakers…


  1. I am so pleased you girls had a little time to play and enjoy yourselves. Your bears are a delight.

  2. Thanks Kay and Susie... You know me always got to have my "PINK" fix!!! Can't get enough of it lol

  3. Hi all, they look fab, very proud of you galls

  4. Brenda, one day I will have to see your stash. lol

  5. It's BIGGER than her house Merilyn LOL