Monday, January 23, 2012

Something different at Bear Essence

We are always trying to find new and interesting things to do at Bear Essence. We first met Susie McMahon late last year when she came to Melbourne with her sister (Linda Benson) to teach her adorable little Zozie doll workshop.

It was such a huge success that we invited Susie back for another visit. She taught the girls her cute little "Spring Girl". Here they are after day 2 of class....

Each one an individual and so beautifully made.....

We have some gorgeous Tibetan Lamb on its way for their hair. I can hardly wait to see them all dressed up with their clothes and hair on.

Keep watching for some photos of the girls all dressed up!

This is Moxie .... Susie will be teaching her when she comes in June.
She is adorable I am sure you will agree!!

Susie will also be teaching another Zozie class.
If you missed out last time... here is your chance!!


  1. Oh No!!! We've created a monster! So glad the class went well and can't wait to see them all finished :o)

  2. Girls your dolls are so great. Did you all make the heads as well. If you did fantastic.