Wednesday, April 25, 2012

gOOd-ByE aPriL...

Well where has this month gone???  I can't believe how fast the days are flying -- you could say that they are almost out of control.  Wizzing past at a million miles an hour!!!

PLEASE slow down a little as we have a show to get ready for!!!  That's right - Teddy Bear Fairs Australia are once again hosting their annual show at the BERWICK LEISURE CENTRE on Sunday 6th May, 2012.  Last year the Show was a huge success and this year it's proving to be bigger and better!!!

Come along and support the Show as it is only one of a handful left where you can actually hold, cuddle and bond with your baby before making the decision to add him/her to your hug...  Not to mention all the delicious mohair and supplies that will be on sale there...

For the eager beavers we are once again selling "Early Bird Tickets"  These tickets are priced at just $15.00 each.  All holders of these tickets will be given a free "goody" bag upon arrival and presentation of their ticket.  Going by the bags given out last year, this offer is very well worth it!!!  The EARLY BIRD tickets may be purchased from us personally or on-line, or directly from the Teddy Bear Fairs Australia website.
Now I'd better stop talking and get back to some real work as we have kits, kits and MORE KITS to prepare.  But just before I go, I want to give you a little sneak peak of my PANDORA finished just in time to make it to Berwick.  Patterns and kits are almost ready and available exclusively from us...  Look out for Pandora's sister TIFFANY who is hurrying along to make it in time as well!!!

Hope to see you there...  and remember: BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!!!


  1. Josey she is a stunner! I love her to pieces.

  2. wow, Tiffany is the girl of bon chic bon genre style.
    sounds exciting for the show, enjoy and looking forward to see your show photos next time.

  3. Hello,

    may it is allowed to show you my blog-candy?

    kind greetings Tanja with her must-have-bears