Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A little bit more of the wedding...

Over the past week I have had many requests asking me to post a photo showing the bottom half of my dress -- well here it is. The dress was designed and made for me by Neomi Allen of High Street, Armadale. A very very talented lady -- who did an amazing job. It was made from Versace fabric which Neomi had purchased in Europe and just happened to be in my all time favourite colours... It was such a dream to wear!!!
And here are some photos of the happy couple and their young son "Kaidan" who simply stole the show!!

Now that the wedding is over, my brain has gone into overdrive thinking about all the gorgeous teddy outfits I can make when we recycle these beautiful dresses... (mine and Dani's)
**EXCITING NEWS... The wedding bug is about to strike again -- so keep posted to find out WHEN, WHERE, HOW and WHY...

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS!
    It was such a beautful day......