Friday, December 11, 2009

weDDinG bEllS aRe RinGing...

Tomorrow is the BIG day... My son Jonathan is marrying his princess Danielle... and as is always the case with weddings, the day arrives quicker than you think. Ours was no different! So with time running out fast, I enlisted the help of my friend Karen Alderson to create the most perfect bears for such a gala event!!!

Karen, being the lifesaver that she is, made the bears and all I had to do was dress them --- thanks Karen. I was supposed to have a photo here, so that you could see how beautiful they turned out, -- but unfortunately when my back was turned, they were delivered to the venue before I even got my camera out of its cover!! So you will just have to come back to the blog next week to check them out and of course there'll also be a few pics of us in all our finery :)

A big thank you to all those people who have helped in the lead up -- you know who you are...

Josey xo


  1. It's going to be a beautiful day...I cant wait to see your dress!

  2. Hoping the day is wonderful for you all, lots of pics please!!!!!
    The little ducks are cute, but I think the groom is looking distinctly anxious and the bride looks like she's going to have him for breakfast!!!! He he