Monday, June 13, 2011

bLuSH iS cOMinG tO ToWN...

There's much excitement in the air as the Blush workshops are finally coming up later this month...  These workshops have been booked out way before the sample was even completed.   Just the thought of what was involved in making this gorgeous golly had everyone queuing up to do the workshop... a little bit of painting, embroidering, plus all of your bearmaking skills.

Well the sample of Blush is now in the shop, together with the most elaborate kits for her clothing -- 100% silk fabrics, vintage ribbons, petals,laces,threads and beads, handmade buttons...  You can see these delights for yourselves in the pictures below...

There has been such an uproar, that we have had to schedule another two workshops for later this year (end August/September) but you have to be quick if you want to make your very own Blush... as these spaces will fill very very fast!!!  Check out our website for full details

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