Thursday, June 30, 2011

wIShinG tiME wOUld sLoW DowN a liTTle...
Can you believe ten days have gone by since our last blog...  How time flies, we are half way through 2011, and before you know it, the countdown will be on for Christmas! The days just keep running away so very very fast... Wish we could alter the dial to slow it down a little :)

At the moment the Blush and Blackbeary classes are in full swing and they are coming along just beautifully -- very soon we will have plenty of pictures for show and tell... And judging by what I have seen so far, they are going to be AMAZING...

Yesterday another box arrived all the way from Japan, full of sumptuous mohairs and alpacas in an array of colours, finishes and lengths. We just can't get enough of this yummy yummy fabric, everyone is just loving it.

Whilst I was drooling and unpacking , I spotted the most gorgeous baby pink mohair, which was complimented by a soft grey of the same type.  Mmmmmm I thought, that is nice -- and then it struck me -- I'm going to make a bear using these two fabrics and I'm going to name her PANDORA... and the idea was born!

Some of you may have seen the bear I made a couple of weeks ago for a friends birthday.  A friend, I might add, who has a very soft spot for anything Tiffany & Co.   The bear was made from my Pudd'n pattern, using a combination of aqua and white alpaca (the Tiffany colours).  I named her Tiffany, stitched a little Tiffany & Co heart charm to her bottom, and drizzled her with lots of bling.  I'm guessing now that TIFFANY and PANDORA are also going to be the best of friends once PANDORA jumps off the drawing board and into the realm of reality...  Keep watching for her photo in the upcoming week or so...


  1. I can hardly wait to meet her!

  2. My birthday is in November Josey.;)