Saturday, October 29, 2011

We're all packed up for Woodend!!!

It has been a very busy week with Linda Benson and Susie McMahon visiting from Tasmania teaching us with their amazing talent and skills. It has been a fun week... Thank you so much!

We have been busy preparing for the Woodend show and after a long day have packed everything up into the car ready for our early start tomorrow.
Josey can't make it with us tomorrow as planned as she has fallen ill... we will miss her. Get better soon Josey xxx
We will post some photos of the workshops next week when everything settles down.
Make sure you come and say hello if you can make it to Woodend

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  1. Hi girls, thanks for a fabulous week, Susie and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay and Josey I hope you're back on deck real soon, take care all of you HUGS