Sunday, October 30, 2011

tHe zOZie cLAsS...

Last term Kim and I were toying with the idea of offering a class that was that little bit different, and in passing we just happened to mention it to Linda Benson.  Linda's ears pricked and she highly recommended the Zozie workshops taught by her sister, the ever talented and internationally renowned, Susie McMahon... 

We visited  Susie's website and  looked at the little Zozie's on line and yes they were very very sweet but would they appeal to bear people???   Well why not schedule a class and see??   ...and the rest is history!!

Our first ever Zozie class was a complete sucess and has paved the way for many more future classes as people who missed out this time, or weren't quite sure, have seen the amazing results and want a zozie of their very own!!

Now here are some of the photos from the workshop... a couple of Zozie's did manage to run away before I got my camera out,... I think they must be a little camera shy!!!

Susie will be returning in January to run a couple more workshops... but book in early to avoid disappointment...


  1. oh wow just so cute!! well im now where near you guys so i cant do a class :(

  2. yeah, i saw her work @ Linda B's blog, love those stripy ideas :)

  3. I had a blast! Thanks Josey and Kim..........Josey - I assume that is your Zozie with the flower on her head? Too cute! Hope you are feeling a bit better.

  4. Thanks Susie, that is my little flower Zozie -- bit sad I had to miss out on Day 2 of your class -- but you're instructions were so fabulous I had no trouble finishing her on my own at home. Looking forward to catching up in January xx