Wednesday, December 7, 2011

aDD a LiTTle bODy tO a BrOOcH hEaD aNd LooK wHat yOU gEt...
Last week saw Adella running her brooch classes at the shop.  These sweet little heads were originally designed to be used as an accessory for Adella's big girl bears, but they were all looking so gorgeous that we decided they needed to stand on their own two feet, hence we started making bodies to suit them.

My little head was looking very brown so I decided to step outside the box and give her a body made from our beautiful velvety brown cashmere, rather than the traditional black used for golly dolls - a see-through little lacey number and gold shoes finished her off.  I named her "Cocoa" and she is already wrapped and sitting under my Christmas tree waiting patiently to go and live at her new mummy's house...

Here are some of the class photos of the "works in progress" -- just adorable.  Thank you Adella for another wonderful class,  looking forward to seeing what you have planned for us next year!!!


  1. the idea on Cocoa is cool, i love their fabrication :>

  2. Why don't I live close to your shop. The little dolls are fab.

  3. They are so gorgeous! Do you sell the patterns for them?
    Blessings, Julie-Anne

  4. Hi Kay, we have had gorgeous ladies come from Hong Kong, Singapore and Florida to participate in our classes. You are only "around the corner" what's stopping you??? We would love to have you. Hugs Josey

  5. Sorry Julie-Anne, unfortunately Adella does not sell the patterns for her designs. When you participate in her class you receive the pattern outline with no written instructions. We are trying to convince her to write up some patterns to sell. You never know, when she has some free time she might do just that. Her work is amazing!