Friday, December 9, 2011

tHIs LiTtle pIg wENt tO mArkEt...

A couple of Sundays ago a few of us got together so that Charmaine McMurdo of Giggle-Sprinkle Bears could make her debut as a teacher in the wonderful world of bear-making... Charmaine designed this little piggy especially for this purpose, she is just so talented and it shows in all that she creates -- be it bears, kittens, octopuses and now even piggies.

Unfortunately the little piggies ran all the way home before we had a chance to do a group shot, but don't despair they have promised to come back in the near future so that we can show them off to you.

This is my little piggy --- and I love her to bits!!!  

Due to the enormous interest that this little pig has generated, we will be running this class once again early in the new year and we have even managed to twist Charmaine's arm into releasing the pattern.  Keep an eye on our website for details...


  1. That little pig looks like she is doing a jig, just like the nursery rhyme.