Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thank you to a very special lady.....

After a long Tuesday finishing up at 10pm last night after class I arrived at the shop this morning to a huge surprise!

Expecting to walk into a dark shop with lots of dishes and cleaning to do.... I walked into a sparkling clean one! At first I was concerned that I had forgotten to turn everything off before closing up last night... but it slowly dawned on me that I wasn't losing my mind, I had had an early morning visit.

The lights were on, the radio on, urn turned on ready for a cup of tea, dishes washed, dried and put away, both class room tables cleaned and tidied, counter tidied and cleaned and the good old "Dyson" had been given a work out too! The air conditioner was on and the shop was lovely and cool.

I wonder who it could have been....? Of course it was the very special Josey.... I cannot believe that with all of the things happening in her very busy life that she thought of me and came into work very early on her day off to do something so sweet and caring for me.

What a special lady....thank you Josey, you are a treasured friend and I love you dearly. xxx

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  1. They are the priceless gifts that are so special.