Monday, September 17, 2012

It's Snowbeary season...

I know that you are not going to like hearing this -- but Christmas is really just around the corner!!!    At Bear Essence we have to put our thinking caps on pretty early in the piece to decide what goodies we are going to present you with this Christmas...  and this is our first showcase:

We stumbled across this cute little pattern, which saw the little critters originally made from felt -- but I decided to make a few samples using the beautiful, luscious Japanese Silk and called my little creations "Snowbearies"  Hope you like them!!!

As a special favour for those of you who really don't like embroidering noses, I have used black matt glass noses on a couple of the samples and painted them in colours to suit...  These were so much fun to make and decorate -- very quick and inexpensive too!!!  You can fit three on a 1/16th of fabric -- so they make great little gifts!!!

Customers who have watched these little fellows come to life have requested a class devoted to making them.  And so we have decided to run a one day workshop -- and know it will be very popular.
If you are interested please book in early as class sizes will be limited:  Small classes = more time to play and have fun!!!

I have three little grandchildren now and I'm thinking come Christmas time these little snowbearies are sure to end up on their tree!!!  


  1. wow, seems to have different character, a boy, a girl and a reindeer!

  2. Hi Josey
    where do you buy the stuff you have used for the ballet tutu

  3. Hi the tutu is made from a trim that we sell in the shop. From memory it's around $7/metre and comes in pink or cream. It is basically a tulle fringing on a stretchy band. Very pretty on anything but especially nice to use as skirts for little bears. Hope this helps... Hugs Josey ��

  4. Love these little guys - very nicely done:o)) Will you be selling these as a kit?
    Take care and have a good week.
    Hugs Lyn