Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tins and trims...

We have just spent the last couple of weeks re-arranging the whole shop yet again in a bid to create more space!!!   All the key witnesses will tell you that it went from being neat to slightly overcrowded, to looking like a war zone, to absolutely gorgeous and inviting once again...

With the help of some beautiful new counters and display cabinets, we now have lots of nooks and crannies to display our goodies... Just perfect to show off our stunning new range of tinware only just arrived... 

Who can resist a tin, just waiting to be filled with a little gift for someone or just to keep your own treasures in.  Very well priced (ranging from $5.00 to $15.00) and with Christmas just around the corner, these won't be sitting on the shelves for long!!!

We have also become quite well known for the beautiful unique trims which we are quite partial too.  Just look at these beauties... Soooo delicate and exquisite -- waiting patiently to be used on that next project of yours !!!

Hope you enjoyed this little walk through our store...  If you need anything, well you know where to find us.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday xo


  1. OOHH There's some lovely tins there, I just love tins.:-)

  2. So glad you like them... I love collecting tins too!!! Hugs Josey :0)

  3. I want to see all your trims they look divine. The top picture on the right looks like tulle or feathers. Gorgeous.