Friday, September 14, 2012

More Marleys than you can poke a stick at!!!

On Tuesday all the ladies who participated in the Marley class reached the Finish Line and took home not one but two Marleys each...  Well done ladies!!!

Marley is the cute little elephant that Monica Spicer designed earlier this year and has featured in previous blog posts.  As Monica has been unavailable for workshops, she kindly gave permission for me to run the class on her behalf and voila!!! 

Thank you to all the ladies who attended... Your creations were an inspiration -- so much so that I am going to make a couple more Marleys myself!!!

And of course, a special thank you to Monica for designing this little cutie for us to have so much fun with :0)  


  1. Thank you Josey... :0)
    I'm so happy the girls had a great time making their own Marley(s)...!!!
    I wish I could have been there myself to see them in 'bearson'. They look just adoooorable... :0))
    Hopefully I'll be back teaching soon.
    I miss everyone and their lovely company.
    Good on you girls... and thanks again Josey for being such wonderful teacher.. :0)
    Much love and bear hugs,

  2. They all look so good. Well done girls.
    Mon's patterns are the best.

  3. Thanks Monica for your comments. And Kay I agree Mon's patterns ARE the best and are also a pleasure to teach!!!

  4. Oh i love your little elephants!!! they are so cute!!!bye bye.