Friday, March 2, 2012

tHe dAy tO DaY haPpeNinGs...
A big hello to all our beary blog friends and followers... Where is the year disappearing too??  Somebody please SLOW it down a little -- Can you believe that Term 1 is drawing to an end in a few short weeks!!!
I prayed for a "less hectic" year than the last -- BUT so far this has not been the case.  With so much going on in my personal life -- my days at Bear Essence have been few and far between and my time for sewing is virtually non existent.   Still we have to take whatever is thrown at us in good faith and walk the journey one day at a time...  My beautiful daughter-in-law is expecting Baby Number 3 and God willing, I'll become a Nonna again this September -- something I am really looking forward too...    
I have only  JUST managed to finish the bear that I started designing at Christmas time!!!  Seems like eons ago...  My inspiration for this bear was "Mothers Day" and the eternal bond of love we all share with our mums. I have to say that I am totally in love with the way she turned out and have named her, Spoonful.
Spoonful sits nestled inside an oversized teacup surrounded by her most favourite treasures -- a couple of tea-stained doilies, a string of pink pearls from Majorca, an old butterfly ear-ring, a miniature perfume bottle all the way from Paris, a vintage flower, a fairy cupcake and some very unusual handmade crystal and glass teaspoons...  These possessions are all so precious to her, but she will gladly give them to her mum this Mothers Day because she knows just how special "mothers" are!!!
Everyone has been patiently waiting for Spoonful with much anticipation and her arrival has caused such a stir.  There has been a frenzied hunt on for over sized tea cups...  The women have been going crazy but lucky for them Kim was able to track some down and we now have quite a few of them in the shop for anyone who wants a tea cup just like mine!!!
We also have a selection of gorgeous teaspoons and resin cakes, laces and trims to accompany Spoonful...

One of my students is organising a "High Tea Party" for Mothers Day at her house and she is busy making Spoonfuls -- she is going to use them instead of place-cards and her guests (all mums) will be able to take them home at the end!!!  Hows that for enthusiastic!!! 
If you would like to make your very own, patterns and kits are now available through our website or by calling the shop...


  1. Like youre over sized teacup, it's gorgeous, with a beautiful bear in it!

    Have a nice day,

  2. Thank you Susan and Jacqueline for your very kind words... Wishing you loads of beary happy moments xx

  3. She is a real treasure. Love the cup. How big is it across the top?

  4. Hi Kay... The cup is 12cm across the top and the saucer is 18cm. Hugs Josey

  5. Will it travel well to Darwin??