Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Look what has just arrived "hot off the press"...

We are so very proud to bring to you our 7th Volume of Bear Tales!!!  Our brand new year of Bear Tales begins once again with this awesome issue 1...  In it you will find the patterns, photos and instructions for Fifi by Monica Spicer, Flutter by Merilyn Pursell, Mei Li by Karen Alderson, Hopsy by Charmaine McMurdo and Tammy with her baby girl by Heather Harwood.
For those not familiar with it -- Bear Tales is a publication that Bear Essence brings out annually.  We approach different artists over the course of the year, asking them to design something specifically for us to publish in Bear Tales.  All of their designs are exclusive to us for twelve months and are not sold separately.  A yearly subscription costs $60 (including postage within Australia)  Excellent value as over the couse of the year you will receive three separate issues with a total of at least 15 patterns, worth over $300.   We think this is the best one yet! 

We stock complete kits for all of the projects featured in Bear Tales and the details can be found on our website.  Back issues of Volumes 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are also available.  


  1. the coated cover looks tempting and really colorful,

  2. Thank you ladies... we love it. It looks even better in person!