Wednesday, March 7, 2012

nELLy aNd sTupS... pRimITivE eLLy and pUg!!!

These two have been a works in progress for a few weeks now but have finally come to life -- Nelly the elli and Stups the pug.  They were designed exclusively for Noble Fabrics, who have very kindly given us permission to stock the patterns in our store.

I was in charge of Nelly and Kim of Stups -- and they have come together perfectly and look wonderful as a duo.  For Nelly I used a German viscose which I aged by washing it thru a towel cycle and then throwing it in the dryer...   Kim chose a German felted mohair for Stups, straight off the rack.  Colour was added to both bubbies using the chalk pastels that we are currently stocking -- although slightly messy they do give a fantastic result...

We are so excited to be able to bring these designs to your from our fellow bear artists  overseas.  Thanks to the internet the world has now become a whole lot smaller and we have a fantastic opportunity to be able to access the world of bears from across the globe...

The kits for these two include the 100% cotton fabric to make their hats and overalls.  The little cherry charm that Nelly is wearing are also in stock, although quite shiny to start off with, I have aged mine with burnt umber oil paint to give it that worn out look.  We also have a selection of rusty pins and charms suitable for Stups...


  1. I've bought some bits and pieces from Noble Fabrics, they certainly have a lovely range of 'stuff', the sort that I love. I want to have a go at making an elephant, but I think it will have to wait a while.:)

  2. They both look as cute as a button. I love the Ellie's overalls.

  3. Again beautiful...!!


  4. Thank you for your comments... They were loads of fun to do!!