Sunday, March 4, 2012

iT's a cUpcAke kINd oF SuNDay...
Can't wait for SATURDAYS...  Do you wanna know why??  Saturday Bear Circle of course!!!  We always have loads of fun on Saturdays playing with our bears... trying new things... all in the company of great friends!!!
This Saturday Brenda arrived armed with a box of the most delightful macaroons any of us had ever tasted.  They were exquisite!!!  The day started and ended with SWEET treats...
Some of the girls were working on their "Spoonfuls" and deciding on what sort of treasures to include in her teacup... We definitely needed a mini cupcake. .  Exhausting all our options on where to buy one, we started to think, "why not make one instead!!!"  Kim took charge -- starting off with a felt version and then advancing to the upgraded model -- a cupcake made from Sculpey clay.

You should have heard the squeals of delight as each cupcake was finished -- and NOW it has been unanimously decided that next Saturday class will be devoted to making these yummy little treats. LOOK what you've started Kim!!!

Anyways all this talk about Cupcakes leads me to the next topic...   Look what Mr Postie brought us -- five bolts of scrumptious cupcake fabric!!!  We had forgotten that these were coming, as they were ordered  six months ago.  Don't laugh but at the moment we can't actually remember what we ordered these for!!!  I mean the answer will be there, buried deep in our minds, under the mountain of ideas we have stored in there, just waiting to hatch... So in the meantime our thinking caps are on to design some wonderful project which will use these yummy yummy fabrics...  Arent they DELICIOUS -- any ideas anyone???


  1. Maybe you just liked them, as they are lovely prints.

  2. irresistible, so sweet for your latest making. Enjoy!

  3. May be you ordered them to copy the cup cakes.
    Just the right day for them to come.

  4. Maybe the fabrics are for a cupcakequilt??
    The cupcakes are looking very tasty, yummi!!! Can't wait to see youre nexst post on them...

    Have a good day,

  5. Love those yummy looking cupcakes which have been so nicely done:o)) Great fabrics too and I'm sure it won't be long before you come up with idea's as to what to use it for, have fun!
    Have a good day.
    Hugs Lyn x

  6. Love the cupcakes they look great very creative can't wait to see what you guys come up with next.

  7. Thanks everyone keep watching to see the next episode. Bear hugs Kim and Josey xx