Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello Sweetie Pie...

Look who has just arrived on our doorstep...  It's Ava-Jane!!!  She's come all the way from the heart and home of Merilyn Pursell (Bearwildered Bears) to our little haven in Tooradin and is the sample for the workshops Merilyn will be conducting later this month and early August...

The only way to describe her is "simply adorable and irresistible!!!"   Preparing the kits for the workshop has been such a delight.  Merilyn has very kindly put a little clothing/embellishment pack to go with each kit - which includes the baby shoes, dress fabric, laces, ribbons and accessories...

Unfortunately at this stage the only way you can make Ava-Jane is by attending the workshop, as Merilyn has not released the pattern to the general public.   There are a few places remaining, but I am sure when word of this little "sweetie-pie" gets around, these places won't be empty for long.

In between the Ava-Jane workshops, Merilyn will also be running a couple of workshops for "Sugabelle" pictured below... 

We sooo look forward to having Merilyn visit us a few times per year  -- her workshops are always full of fun and laughter.  We are so very fortunate to be able to have her as one of our guest teachers.


  1. Ooooh isn't she just adorable please convince Merilyn to release her as a kit for i don't live in Melbourne.

  2. We'll definitely try Janelle and I'm sure that when Merilyn has a little window of time available she will do just that... Keep an eye out for it!!!

  3. I've always loved Merilyn's bears, and these little cuties are no exception. I wish I lived close enough to attend your workshops at Bear Essence.