Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kisses for Marley...

As promised, on this cold and blistering Sunday night, I bring you my second Marley only just finished.  Look how happy the first little Marley is to have a friend to play with!!!

Here are a few photos of the pair frolicking together...  Kissing each other...  Lazying around and sniffing the pretty flowers...

What a life!!!

This little Marley was created using a hot pink crewpile and a gorgeous spotted flannelette for the inner ears and pawpads.   Accessorized with hand dyed varigated silk ribbon and a button flower...   Too sweet!!!


  1. I so need to get this pattern. Will have to pop in Tuesday morn and grab it. I am in the need for some bear therapy.

  2. Hi She looks great you did a great job looks fiddly, love the soft pink, pink is my favourite.

  3. Thanks Janellle, glad you like her and actually not fiddly at all -- I don't like fiddly!!!

    Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday Tracey!!!