Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Carrying on from yesterday's Marley blogpost...

Isn't Monica's "Marley" just gorgeous -- I was thrilled when Kim showed me this new pattern.  And even more thrilled when Monica asked whether I would teach the workshop at Bear Essence on her behalf.
Well I thought, if  I am going to be teaching this workshop, then I'd better make a  "Marley" sample of my own.  That way I'll know what I am in for!!!

I pondered around the fur stand in the shop -- Now which fur??  Ummm let me see, it just needs to be  PINK  :o)

I finally decided to go with the Pink Viscose -- I had worked with viscose before and I quite like the result that it gives.  Lucky for me we stock the viscose in oodles of colours  some of which are very nice pastel shades!!!

The pattern was a dream to work with -- so many photos showing every step of the way -- nothing was left out -- it all came together quite quickly.  I did struggle a little turning the tail and trunk through, but nothing that a little patience and some tender loving care could not overcome.  I suppose the viscose was a little thicker than the fabric Monica designed the pattern around.

Anyways here are the photos of my end result...  and yes I ommitted the eyelids and eyelashes this time.  I thought she looked just as gorgeous without them.  

 Once I looked into Marley's big brown eyes, I became hooked  and have already started my second one in a hot pink crewpile.  If you come back after the weekend (all going to plan) I'm sure there'll be photos for you to see!!!

Also if you are wanting to make your very own Marley, please click on the link below to purchase either a full kit or pattern only...  Enjoy!!


  1. All Monica's patterns are wonderful. Detail plus. Your Elli is wonderful.Hugs

  2. Oh she is darling. Love it. Can I get the pattern by itself....???

  3. Pink elephants are always a hit, and this one's especially cute. Hope the workshop goes well.
    Hugs, Kayzy

  4. Hi Tracey, yes you can buy the pattern on its own. Even though the link opens up to the kit page -- from the side bar click on New Patterns and Marley is listed on Page 1 of the New Patterns page. Any problems you can just drop us an email Good luck!!

    And Kay you're absolutely right -- and as Monica's number 1 fan you would know!!!

  5. Hi your Marley looks gorgeous i love it in pink.

  6. Thanks Janelle, I've almost finished my second in a hot pink crewpile. Keep an eye out for him on the blog soon.